Worldwide WordPress 5km Run – Spoleto, Italy

My friends will forgive me if I write this post in English. This is the report about the WP 5k, a run organized by Automattic, the company that runs Some days ago I saw a post by Sara Rosso about this and imageI reblogged it here. I live in Rome but I came to Spoleto this weekend, where a good friend of mine runs a holiday’s house rental business, Torre del falco (btw check it out, it’s a beautiful property, an ancient tower with a lovely pool and surrounded by woods), so I decided I would have run all around the Spoleto’s Rock. And this is what I saw as soon as I arrived this morning, around 8am. The weather wasn’t exactly nice and there was an annoying wind that blew against me for about half of the loop, but the view is beautiful.

I started running as I usually do, I’ve been running for almost one and a half year now, the only difference was that I was thinking that this thing was done together with many other people all around the world. I am curios to see how many actual posts I will find about this.

Just for the sake of completeness, here’s the Nike+ screen at the end of the 5k, I run another one and a half km afterwards, I would have run more but the weather was unpleasant. Also, as requested, there’s a pic of what is visible at the end of the run.

image image

Many thanks to Automattic, the idea of sharing a running experience among many people linked by WP is great. I enjoyed participating.


25 pensieri su “Worldwide WordPress 5km Run – Spoleto, Italy

    1. Wish aka Max Autore articolo

      Felice non è felice; è cessata la pioggia; la mia barba è bionda;
      la mucca non da latte; Giacomone bacia Maometto;
      le scarpe mi stanno strette; il pappagallo è rosso; l’aquila vola.
      Parla Radio Londra, abbiamo trasmesso alcuni messaggi speciali. 😆

      Mi piace

  1. apity

    Io preferisco correre la sera.
    Ho capito tutto del post. Che gran forza che hai dentro. Non ti arrendi mai. Non smetti mai di credere in ciò che fai. Anche Iaia è come te.
    Io preferisco correre la sera.
    Ho deciso.

    Mi piace


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